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Falcon tutorial – page 10

So now I've reached two most troublesome elements – engine exhausts and the long, nasty sliders mounted to the bottom part of the aircraft. Both of them have totally unclear shape so once again I have to use my imagination. I start with the first one as it seems much more challenging to overcome… man I love that!

As you can see, there's a plenty of work ahead of me... First of all, the aileron has quite a dens mesh, second - it has really bad topology (not a single horizontal loop). I'll separate it from the main element and start by adding some horizontal cuts using Knife tool (K).

These loops should have been here from the very beginning but, unfortunately, they weren't :) I have to pay for that by a painfully routine of merging the verticles and fixing the stuff point by point…

After a while, after playing with Merge tool (W -> Merge), scaling and sliding the verticles, I've got quite a nice, smooth and good looking topology.

Aileron and engine after mesh cleanup and matching the elements together.

Next was the engine exhaust. The whole modeling process was pretty much the same as in earlier stages - I've cut some "meat" out of the main element, fill the gaps and that's it. Mesh itself needs here quite a lot of cleaning but as always - I'll do it later while cutting the body into single plates.

Exhaust elements – a few minutes of cylinder editing (I've removed the bottom part, then it was only up to extruding, scaling and adding some more edge loops).

Final look on the finished engines - element was quite simple but for me - not knowing why - it was quite a nasty thing to do :)

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