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Falcon tutorial – page 6

In this part I'll describe some basic modeling techniques I use in my daily workflow. For most people they would be very obvious but this tutorial was mainly dedicated to Polish blender users who just start their adventure with 3d graphics so I hope you understand :)

As I've mentioned in previous post, I'm planning to cut the whole aircraft into separate plates that would give the model more realistic look. I've also decided to line up the verticles before subdividing the geometry.

To keep the curvatures unchanged, I was using 3d cursor for setting up the verticles in straight lines. Some of them were also aligned by using "edge slide" (ctrl + E) tool.

One of the cutted to plates elements. Mesh has been subdivided and now by separating the single element from the rest of the geometry I can optimize it without touching the other loops. Some of them are going through the whole aircraft's body and while they might be unnecessary in the front, on the back they may be quite significant so it's always better to separate the single elements we wish to optimize. Yet, still while optimizing we must take care not to remove too many verticles especially the ones giving our elements some curvature:

By removing these edge loops we also destroy the curvature of the element. I will also show a quick way how to cut our models into separate plates. I'll use this technique very frequently in the next stages to add more realism to my model.

First, select the desired edge loop and by using "Ctrl + E" shortcut, select Bevel tool (it should be available in the latest Blender builds, if not - add it through AddOns tab in Preferences menu), and set the radius somewhere between 0.010 - 0.005 depending on your model's scale.

Now, by using "Ctrl + R" shortcut, let's add 3 cuts in between our newly created edges.

Select the middle loop and by using "Alt + S" shortcut, softly push the edge inside.

We should also add two more loops in order to sharpen the geometry of our surface (to see how it works just switch to Object mode and see the results before and after adding these loops):

To separate one part of the geometry I usually use hiding options. First - select and hide the loop between two elements we'd like to separate. Now, by pressing "L" key select the element that should be separated and hide it as well (use "H" key for hiding". Now deselect everything else just for sure by pressing "A" key twice, and unhide the geometry by pressing "Alt + H" keys - the element both with edge loop should now appear on the screen selected. Now just by pressing "P" key they can be separated as a one piece. It can be later optimized, cut, bent or whatever, the same way as I did in my model.

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