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Falcon tutorial – page 2

The second stage will be an attempt of creating ready for subdivision mesh in which I'll be able to model additional details. In order to do so, I've separated aircraft's body out of the side engines, skids and other elements. In this stage I've also made quite a big mistake – not knowing why, I decided to separate the upper exhaust elements out of the main mesh. It wasn't smart because later on I'll have to add them once again to a much more complex and detailed aircraft's body… but as I've mentioned - that was my mistake…

The look of the main body after adding a Subdivision modifier.

Main body after a few minutes of reshaping and modeling. Air inlet which was made of separate element is now connected to the main model. Mesh of this quite tricky element isn't 100% correct at this stage (it has some triangles in curved areas), but I'll correct this later after adding the final details.

Close up of the air inlet. To be honest, this was most time consuming element of the whole aircraft.

Final model will be exported to Maya probably so I had to "sharpen" all the edges by adding additional edge-loops instead of using Blender's "crease" tool. That's because .obj file format (which is the safest way currently to move objects from Blender to other software) does not support and export geometry modified using this method.

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