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Here are the concepts I was mostly basing on:

So, I decided to begin with studying the reference material I was given by the director and estimating how should I approach to this kind of a project. First of all, it can be seen that not everything is visible on the conceptual drawings so I had to use google for finding the missing details (I've used some Halo in game screen-shots for that).

The first step was matching the camera so I could keep the proportions as close as it's possible to the ones I've seen on the reference images. Then I've divided the whole modeling process to four stages:
1. Modeling of a very basic structure of the whole aircraft to match proportions and overall look.
2. Correcting topology and proportions of basic mesh so it could be used in next steps. At this stage I was also adding main details like engine inlets etc.
3. Subdividing mesh after setting up the basic shape of the aircraft. Adding details and cleaning meshes.
4. Final details and touches.

In most cases I begin with creating a simple cube and by extruding, scaling and moving the faces or verticles, I try to recreate the very basic shape of the aircraft. As you can see, some elements are made out of independent objects and just "sticked" to the main mesh. I'll join them later and for now they are just for checking the proportions and overall shape.

In general, the most challenging part at this stage was simply strting up with this project, studying the images and imagining how the whole vehicle should look like. Then, having this kind of knowledge, I've just tried to follow the conceptual pictures. Of course some of the details will have to be my own interpretation, but the director had nothing against.

Model after finishing the first stage:

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